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Title: "Flight"
Size: 4’ x 5.5’
Commissioned by Podolak and Co.
Miami, Florida 1975.

Title: "View From My Window"
Size: 25" x 30"
Commissioned by Mr. & Mrs. Zinkievich
New York, New York 1980.

Title: "Lily" (Sidepiece)
"Floral Motif (Centerpiece)
"Rose" (Sidepiece)

Size: 3’ x 3’, 5’ x 4’, 3’ x 3
Commissioned by Larry and Jody Roberts
Hingham, Massachusetts 1982

Title: "Old Trinity Church with Hancock Tower" (One part of two part Backbay Motif)
Size: 6.5’ x 4’

Title: "Interior Garden of the Boston Public Library" (Second part of two part Backbay Motif)
Size: 5’ x 3’
Commissioned by The Boston Safety Deposit and Trust Co.,
Park Square Building, Boston, Massachusetts 1983.

Title: "Bridge" (Oriental Motif in two parts)
Size: 8’ x 3.2’

Title: "Tree of Cyprus"
Size: 8’ x 3.2’
Commissioned by Corporate Space, Inc.
Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts 1984

Title: "Maple Trees I" (Maple Tree Motif in two parts)
Size: 7’ x 4’

Title: "Maple Trees II"
Size: 7’ x 4’
Commissioned by Prospect Hill Industrial Park
Waltham, Massachusetts 1986.

Title: "Dogwood And Poppies I" (Dogwood Tree and Poppy Motif in three parts)
Size: 48" x 30"

Title: "Dogwood And Poppies II"
Size: 48" x 30"

Title: "Dogwood And Poppies III"
Size: 48" x 30"
Commissioned by The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 1987.

Title: "Coral"
Size: 5’5" x 4’
Commissioned by Linsco/Private Ledger Financial Service, Corp.
Boston and Northampton, Massachusetts 1999.

Title: "Amherst Town Hall" — Window Screen
Size: 30" x 25"
Commissioned by LMC Managaement Corp.
Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts 2000





1. "Plantain Plant" - Oil on canvas
"Flame of the Forest" — Oil on canvas
Roberto Corretjer Piquer
Maria M Reyes Corretjer
San Juan, Puerto Rico

2. "Skyvine" — Oil on canvas
Ida & Irving Levine

Boca Raton, Florida

3. "Portrait of Amaryllis" — Gouache
Esquire Mikal and
Dr. Welli Yeh Weiss
Northampton, Massachusetts

4. "Pink Anthuriums" — Pastel on paper
"Iris" - Pastel on paper
"Gladiola" - Pastel on paper

Kimberly Eberlein

St. Louis, Missouri

5. "Amaryllis" — Acrylic on board
W. Denman Zirkle

New York, NY

6. "Gladiola" — Pastel on paper
"Marigold" — Oil on canvas
"Wildflowers" - Tapestry
Patricia & Macheath Stuecklen
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

7. "Red Amaryllis I" - Watercolor
Esquire Vincent Amoroso

Boston, Massachusetts

8. "Red Amaryllis II" - Watercolor
Diane & Fred Smith

Amherst, Massachusetts

9. "Red Amaryllis" III - Watercolor
Margit & Walter Yarnall

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

10. "Rincon Sunset I" - Watercolor
"Yellow Rose" — Pastel on paper
"Blue Rose" — Pastel on paper
"Amaryllis" — Pastel on paper
"Flower Bud" — Pastel on Paper
"Aura" (Signora Giacosa) — Oil on canvas

LMC Management Corp.
Northampton, Massachusetts

11. "Belladonna I" — Pastel on paper
Dr. Paul Hamburg &
Virginia Hamburg
Boston, Massachusetts.

12. "Belladonna II" — Pastel on paper
Margaret & Edward Friedrich

Deerfield, Massachusetts

13. "Wedding Flower" — Pastel on paper
Georgena & Ashoke Ganguli

Amherst, Massachusetts

14. "White Orchid" — Pastel on paper
Sally & Howard Dickstein

Longmeadow, Massachusetts

15. "Violets" — Tapestry
"Portrait of Lenore" — Graphite on paper
"Butterfly" — Tapestry

"Hibiscus" — Pastel on paper

Lenore and Anthony Comparetto
Ocala, Florida

16. "Flower" — Wataercolor on paper
Madeline & Robert Marquez

Amherst, Massachusetts

17. "Rincon Sunset II" — Watercolor on paper
Sonya & Angel Nieto

Amherst, Massachusetts

18. "Anthurium" — Pastel on paper
Linda & Dale Whorl

Brattleboro, Vermont

19. "Shell" — Acrylic board
Ruth Pasquine

Little Rock, Arkansas

20. "Flower" — Oil on canvas
Sandra & Aldo Vivarelli

Lucca, Italy

21. "Butterfly" - Watercolor on paper
Lois McCabe
Amherst, Massachusetts

22. "Sailboats" - Watercolor on paper
Diana and Steve Daury
Westfield, MA.

23. "Fruit" - Watercolor on paper
Ursula and Hermann Friedle
Karlsruhe, Germany.

24. "Cellular Journey" - Oil on Canvas
"Iris" - Pastel on paper
"Gladiola" - Pastel on paper

Dr. Timothy J. Eberlein
Washington University St. Louis, MO